Municipality / Province : Taytay, Rizal
Actual Project Cost : Php 7,000,000.00
Project Completion : 2009

One of the major problems of Taytay today is flooding. Due to the flat, low-lying nature of the topography, and highly built-up character of the area, floods have a devastating impact. The low lying areas adjacent to Laguna Lake are susceptible to flooding when the lake overflows. In addition, surface run-off from the hilly barangays of Taytay and the nearby mountains of Antipolo contribute to the problem. The built up areas in these regions increase impervious surfaces, which reduces the amount of water that naturally permiates into the soil. The combination of the increased run-off and heavy rains and storms during the rainy season can have devastating impacts on life and property.

Aggravating these factors is the complete or partial encroachment of waterways by informal settlers and subdivisions, which narrow down the stream channels causing overflows that flood the streets. Siltation also contributes to the loss of stream channel volume which further reduces their ability to convey flood waters. The existing drainage system of the municipality is unable to cope with increasing water discharges and surface runoff, especially in the commercial areas of the municipality.