Municipality / Province : Lucban, Quezon
Waste Water Treatment Facility: 23,000,000.00
Materials Recovery Facility: 18,869,000.00
Project Completion : 2010

This initiates a systematic, comprehensive and ecological solid waste management program and eventually institutionalize the segregation, recycling and composting in the municipality starting off with the pilot/focused 5 barangays. With the construction of WWTF, waste water being released by the municipal slaughterhouse complies with the national standard.

It consists of two (2) components:

a. Wastewater Treatment Facility for the slaughterhouse is located in Sitio Kanluran, Barangay Kalyaat. This is a modified technology of Decentralized Wastewater Treatment Systems (DEWATS). It consists of biogas digester, an anaerobic baffle reactor and filter and a planted gravel filter.

b. Material Recovery Facility for the solid wastes generated by the municipality is located in Sitio Darayray also in Barangay Kalyaat. This component consists of a core building including the office and display area, materials segregation area, waste processing area and windrows area for compost.