LLDA Issues CDO to Chowking Restaurant in Manila East, Taytay

August 4, 2015 -- The Laguna Lake Development Authority (LLDA) issues a Cease and Desist Order (CDO) against Chowking-Manila East, Taytay, Rizal for failure to comply with the laws according to the Clean Water Act of 2004.

The LLDA Enforcement team led by Engr. Guillermo E. Orgil, OIC of LLDA Enforcement Division (ED), served the CDO to the said establishment for its “continued failure to conform to acceptable standards of waste water and effluent discharges effectively disallowing its continued operation.” The LLDA Monitoring Team conducted several inspections at the establishment’s premises whereby samples of its grease trap effluent were collected for laboratory analysis. Laboratory results of the samples collected for analysis revealed its continuous non-conformity with the standard parameters set by law.

Under the power of the LLDA-issued CDO, Chowking-Manila East will not be permitted to operate until it secures the necessary Discharge Permit (DP) from the Authority. The said DP will only be issued once LLDA has determined that the effluent discharges of the restaurant are in compliance with the standards set by the Authority.

In conformity with the Authority’s mandate, and pursuant to the Philippine Clean Water Act of 2004, CDOs are issued against persons or establishments that do not conform to the standards set for the discharge of wastewater that eventually drains out to the Laguna de Bay in order to prevent such wastewater from polluting the Lake.