LLDA Green Building Certified as First Green Government Structure

The Laguna Lake Development Authority (LLDA) receives the Design Certification as the first-ever Philippine government structure to be accredited as a “Green Building” by the Building for Ecologically Responsive Design Excellence (BERDE), in conjunction with the Green Buildings Council of the Philippines.

The certification giving the LLDA Green Building two stars was awarded through Presidential Adviser for Environmental Protection and LLDA General Manager Sec. Neric Acosta during the Green Philippines 2015 5th International Total Green Movement Exhibition and Conferences at SMX Convention Center Manila, Pasay City on September 25.

According to Sec. Acosta, “The LLDA Green Building is a living testament of agency’s commitment to preserve and protect the Earth and its ecosystems and defines the very purpose of our work and mission: ibalik ang luntiang yaman at diwa ng lawa.”

The new headquarters of the LLDA is a leading example of the ‘Green Building Revolution.’ Located in National Ecology Center, East Avenue, Quezon City, the LLDA Green Building is designed to be energy-efficient, climate-smart, ecologically-adaptive and occupant-friendly.

Learning from indigenous knowledge, the structure is raised on stilts, which minimizes human impact on the natural surroundings. A constructed wetland replicates the Laguna Lake and serves as a microcosm of a restored, balanced ecology that is envisioned for the entire Laguna Lake Basin.

Passing the stringent international standards set by BERDE, the LLDA headquarters is designed to reduce its electric consumption by at least 20 percent. Its shallow building width maximizes natural daylight with wide windows that allow natural ventilation. The pervious pavement, the green roof, the wetland pond and other landscaping features significantly cool the building. The rainwater catchment system provides water for toilets and urinals. A materials recovery facility (MRF) is installed for the efficient waste management of the entire complex.

The new LLDA headquarters exudes an atmosphere that is light and airy. Its design has created  more open spaces with gardens and ponds. Aside from the aesthetic value of these open spaces, the improved lighting and ventilation increases work productivity and efficiency. For workers and visitors alike, the LLDA Green Building provides a healthy and refreshing respite from the concrete, highly-urbanized areas of the metropolis.

In many philosophies and worldviews, earth, water, wind and fire are considered as the essential elements of the universe. The LLDA Green Building was built with the paradigm that a structure must be fundamentally in harmony with nature and its environs.

The recognition was awarded after “proof has been furnished to merit above BERDE Rating for design under BERDE for New Construction Version 1.0.0,” and is valid until September 3, 2020.