LLDA joins the 10th CLEAR Youth Network Congress

Tanay, Rizal – The Laguna Lake Development Authority joins the 10th CLEAR Youth Network (CYN) Congress from December 5 to 6, 2015 at Sierra Madre Hotel and Resort, Tanay, Rizal.

The 2015 CYN Congress with the theme, “The Youth as Champions of Wetlands” endeavors to recognize the contribution of the Youth in wetland conservation. It features activities implemented by the Youth over the past 10 years and provide a venue for the CYN to exchange ideas, information practices and activities, and share experiences on wetlands conservation. It serves as a platform for learning so that the youth network will continually be equipped with new knowledge and practice in lake conservation and the mechanism for sustaining the efforts and the active membership of the CYN.

In his message, delivered by his representative, Mr. Jesus Ernesto Bayongan, Sec. Neric Acosta, Presidential Adviser for Environmental Protection and LLDA General Manager, urged the youth to keep in mind the acronym LAHAT: Lupa, Araw, Hangin, Tubig at Tao. “LAHAT ay bahagi ng ating ekolohiya. Everything affects everything and we cannot simply isolate one aspect of nature while ignoring the others, because we are all part of this ecosystem. The most important is Tao because, we, human beings, have the task to be the stewards of all creation. In English, this is what I call the LAWS of Nature: Land, Air, Water and Sun. All these play an important role in the quality of life we all lead,” Mr. Bayongan explained.

“Sec. Acosta would also like to remind everyone, as the Champions of Wetlands, those of you who are here need to remember the vital role you play in order for us—every Filipino—to keep our ecology balanced and sustainable. With water being necessary for life, the future of is literally in your hands,” Mr. Bayongan added.

The CYN Congress is an annual gathering of the CLEAR Youth Network, represented by CLEAR Eco-Camp graduates and groups that were formed in their schools and/or communities as a result of the training camp. CLEAR Eco-Camp is a tripartite partnership among LLDA, Society for the Conservation of Philippine Wetlands (SCPW), and Unilever Philippines (ULP) that aims to increase the awareness and encourage the active participation of the youth and emphasize the very essence of the role the younger generation plays in helping environment and in the conservation of the Laguna de Bay. CLEAR Eco-Camp is also a part of the advocacy campaign of LLDA’s Public Information Unit. The recently concluded Eco-camp was held at Kuhala Bay Resort in Cardona, Rizal was hosted by the LLDA, SCPW, and ULP from October 26 to October 28, 2015.

This year, 17 set of campers from Muntinlupa, Taguig, Pateros, Tanay, Angono, Binangonan, Los Baños, Pangil, Lumban, San Pablo, Siniloan, San Pedro, Sta. Rosa, Mabitac, Rizal, Pila, and Morong actively participated in the CYN Congress.

Today, more than a hundred lake conservation activities being implemented in about 92 high schools that have benefitted from Youth Ecological Camps as well as the CYN Congress.