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Taytay, Rizal -- The Laguna Lake Development Authority (LLDA) issues an Ex-Parte Cease and Desist Order (CDO) to a dumping site for illegal dumping of garbage near the catch basin of the Taytay Pumping Station located at Brgy. San Juan in this municipality.

LLDA General Manager Nereus O. Acosta led the enforcement team on July 14 to enforce the Ex-Parte CDO which was issued on June 30, 2016 for its backfilling activity without the consent/clearance/permits from LLDA. It constitutes a patent violation of the LLDA mandate to regulate all developmental activities within the Laguna de Bay Region, under Board Resolution No. 408, series of 2011, Approving the Revised Definition of Developmental Activities Required to Secure LLDA Clearance xxx.

The illegally dumped or backfilled area covers approximately 3000 to 4000 square meters, more or less. The area is owned by a certain Jose Yu Kansoy falls below 12.50 meters elevation and forming part of the lakebed of Laguna Lake lying at a natural ground elevation.

Under the power of the Ex-Parte CDO, it shall remain in force until such time that they stop illegal dumping of garbage/backfilling activity and comply with LLDA Clearance and Discharge Permit requirements. It also requires payment of corresponding fees, administrative fines and penalties for the violations committed by the respondent.
“LLDA does not single out certain types of establishments, but strictly imposes the guidelines and regulations set on all establishments regardless of their industry type to ensure the sustainable resilience of the Laguna de Bay Basin” Sec. Acosta said.