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Cardona, Rizal - The Laguna Lake Development Authority (LLDA) continues demolition of illegal fish pens in the Lake as part of its mandate and efforts to manage and decongest the largest freshwater body in the country.

A 22.3084-hectare fish pen within the jurisdiction of the Rizal Province was demolished on July 15 as part of the plan to rid the Lake of fish pens that have been illegally operating and is along the navigational lane of the said barangay. The fishpen operated by Mr. Harry Arriola located in Brgy. Boor, Talim Cardona Rizal has failed to comply with LLDA requirements and is operating without a valid permit, which is a violation of the Rules and Regulations Implementing the Revised Laguna de Bay Zoning and Management Plan (ZOMAP).

LLDA General Manager J. R. Nereus O. Acosta said that the Agency is performing its duties to ensure that the operators are compliant with the Agency’s requirements. He emphasized that fish pen operators need to follow LLDA’s requisites because LLDA is mandated to maintain and protect the ecological balance and capacity of the Lake. "We are cleaning up the Lake to stop overcrowding to maintain the Lake’s carrying capacity which is only up to ten percent of the total area,” he adds.

GM Acosta also said that the Authority has exhausted all efforts to warn the violators and gave them enough chances to self-demolish. After that, LLDA is taking the necessary steps to impose the demolitions.

Poles and debris of the structure of the said fish pen were removed during the demolition. The clean-up as well as demolition operations will continue to further improve on the operations relating to clean-up and demolition of fish pens in the Lake.