LLDA Fishpen Demolition on Valentine’s Day!

Laguna Lake Development Authority (LLDA) resumes the demolition of illegal fish pens and clean-up of abandoned aqua structures in the Lake under its newly-appointed General Manager, Jaime “Joey” C. Medina.

As part of the plan to rid the Lake of fish pens that have been illegally operating for several years, GM Joey Medina led the demolition and clean up of abandoned nets, anahaw and bamboo poles on the third day of his assumption to Office. The demolition resumed on January 25 and 26, 2017 off the waters of Cardona, Rizal. The fishpen demolished is Christian Fishing Corporation which has failed to comply with LLDA requirements and has been delinquent in payment from 2013 to 2016.  

The Authority is performing its duties to ensure that the operators are compliant with its requirements. GM Medina emphasized that this operation is in consonance with the  directive of President Rodrigo Roa Duterte i.e. to transform Laguna Lake into a vibrant economic zone and the poor fishermen be prioritized of its entitlements.  

According to GM Medina, “as stated in LLDA Board Resolution No. 518 Series of 2017 approved on February 1, 2017, the structures of the big time fish pen operators will be prioritized in the demolition and they need to follow LLDA’s requisites. We are giving these fishpen operators to harvest their fish stocks and demolish their structures by March 31, 2017. Otherwise, LLDA will start to demolish these big structures on April 1, 2017.”

The permit for aquaculture operations of both Habagat Multi-Purpose Cooperative (Habagat MPC) and Seven Eleven Fishing Corporation were issued sometime 1996 thru a public bidding of allocated fishpen areas as part of the LLDA Board-approved 1996 Fishery Zoning and Management Plan (ZOMAP).

In the case of Habagat MPC, said fishpen with an allocated area of 25 hectares off the coast of Talim Island in Binangonan Rizal was non-operational for the a couple of years already and delinquent in payment for the last ten (10) years despite issuances of Statement of Account. The demolition works for this structure were triggered due to recent LLDA monitoring that the subject fishpen is being constructed and is being fenced by anahaw and bamboo poles for possible resumption of its operation. This is despite clear instructions from the LLDA Board that all fishpen and fishcage permits will no longer be issued nor renewed starting this year 2017 rendering this new construction works illegal and therefore should be subject for outright demolition.

For the Seven Eleven Fishing Corp. located  off the waters of Binangonan, Rizal with an area of 51.49 hectares, these were subject of the demolition sometime August of 2016 due to non-payment of fishpen fees and related surcharges. While the LLDA has started the demolition works, the fishpen owner requested to demolish on their own initiative (self-demolition) their structure so they can at least retrieve the materials of the structures such as anahaw, bamboo and nets. However, recent monitoring of the LLDA personnel revealed that while the subject fishpen is no longer operational, self-demolition work is quite slow which is only about 35% accomplished as of this date. To expedite the clearing of the area and to convert this area for open fishing and for use of our marginalized fishermen, clean-up activities of remnant structures are now being conducted through the assistance of Non-government Organizations, Civic Society Organizations and Church Leaders.