Presentation to DENR Secretary Cimatu

Last June 28, LLDA presented to Sec. Roy Cimatu the action plan regarding the rehabilitation of Laguna Lake, Pasig River and Manila Bay Area. Titled the “Action Plan for an Integrated Water Quality Management: Laguna de Bay- Pasig River and Manila Bay”, the presentation outlined the numerous efforts the organization will be undertaking in the next six months.

GM Joey Medina confirmed that LLDA will be working hand-in-hand with local LGUs and partners to address the most urgent environmental concerns, which include cleaning up Pasig River and Laguna Lake, and the implementation of the Clean Water Act.

The presentation highlighted the following core environmental concerns:
- Deterioration of water quality
- Degradation of habitats
- Coastal erosion and siltation
- Over exploitation of fishery resource
- Loss of biodiversity
- Encroachment of buffer zones (riverbanks and shoreland)

When it comes to monitoring water quality, LLDA, along with the PRRC and Environmental Management Bureau (EMB), has organized the Pasig River Unified Monitoring Stations (PRUMS) to conduct regular water quality monitoring in 14 monitoring stations along the Pasig River, San Juan River and Marikina River.

During the meeting, LLDA further discussed the comprehensive plan, which focuses on the reduction of water pollution through intensified survey and monitoring of establishments, as well as stricter enforcement of legal actions. LLDA will monitor the implementation of ordinances establishing sewerage and septage management systems in LGUs.

For solid waste management, LLDA will monitor the implementation of RA 9003, and lead the physical clean-up of Laguna de Bay shoreland areas, Pasig River and Manila Bay later this year.

Helping to open up easement areas, LLDA will partner with the PRA on shoreland regulation and schedule the removal of obstructing structures. The profiling of shoreland occupants will also be included as part of its activities.

As per the directive of the Cabinet Cluster on Climate Change Adaptation and Mitigation (CCAM), a Technical Working Group (TWG) will be established with the assistance of the DENR-EMB, DILG, DENR-BMB, and DENR MBCO. This group will handle the rehabilitation of Laguna de Bay, settlement issues and the development of the Relocation Plan for ISFs in Sta. Rosa sub-watershed.